Scheme Update: This scheme has now been granted planning permission at a meeting of Ealing Planning Applications Committee. Please contact Ealing Council with any enquires. 

As part of the London Borough of Ealing’s commitment to build more than 2,500 new genuinely affordable homes we are consulting on emerging proposals to build around 31 new homes and a 142 sqm commercial unit on the car park at the corner of Arden Road and Uxbridge Road.

As part of the emerging proposals, the Community Garden will be retained, as well as access to the Ealing National Spiritualist church. The proposals also include plans to reprovide a proportion of the public car parking spaces that are currently on site.

This website provides an opportunity to explore the emerging proposals for the site. Your comments and ideas will be fed into a future planning application to help us make the best possible use of the site. 

Following the public consultation we have an update to our proposals. Your feedback has meant that we have made a number of changes to the scheme, including reducing the height, massing and number of homes proposed. We have also produced an updated image of the plans. Click here to see more.

Below an aerial view of the site, outlined in red.

We're keen for you to have your say on the proposals on the Your View page.

You can Explore the proposals. You can watch the archive events on our event page. You can call our hotline anytime on 0800 955 1042, or email us on [email protected].

Below is a timeline of the development process:

Explore the proposals   arrow-2.png