Explore the proposals

We've added an update to the original five tiles. We urge you to explore Ealing Council's emerging proposals, and then give us your view:

An update to plans

Consultation closes Wednesday 2 September.  New image produced. An update to the plans, following the Q&A event.  


The Arden Road site

Ealing Council are proposing to build new homes on the car park at the corner of Arden Road.


The emerging proposals

The emerging proposals include 31 homes and a commercial unit within a nine storey block.


Sustainable new homes

Ealing Council are proposing to build around 31 new high quality sustainable homes.


Landscaping and parking

The current proposals include plans to improve the surrounding streetscape, and retain the community garden.


Ealing Council team

On this page you can find more information on the project team working to deliver new homes for Ealing Council.