Plans for new landscaping and parking

The current emerging landscape proposals for Arden Road build on the theme of community, nurturing social interaction and building on the existing community garden to the north.

The design consists of four main areas:

1 - The Community Garden

The community garden will be retained, and we will be looking to work with the Five Roads Community Forum to enhance the community garden and ensure minimal impact on this important space. 

2 - The Carpark

The current proposals include plans to retain a proportion of the public car parking spaces on site. 

3 - The Streetscape

The landscape proposals incorporate edible plants such as berries and fruit along planted borders to the pavement, and new street trees to Uxbridge Road.

4 - A communal roof terrace for residents

The current proposals include plans for a new green communal roof terrace for residents.

Car parking and cycling

The current proposal is that the residential development will be car free, with the exception of spaces for the wheelchair accessible units.

The current proposals also include plans for a public car park containing 11 spaces that seek to re-provide a proportion of the existing car parking provision.

To facilitate and encourage sustainable travel, the current proposals also include plans to provide 52 secure cycle space in a secure cycle storage unit will be placed outside the building for use by new residents.