The project team

On this page you can find out more about the project team working to deliver new homes for Ealing Council.

Ealing Council

Ealing Council is both directly building more council homes for let, and creating more affordable homes in total, than any other London borough. We have an ambitious target of delivering at least 2,500 new genuinely affordable homes for by 2022, by making best use of the council’s land and working with partners to maximise the number of high-quality socially rented homes. By 2020, we were over 50% of our way towards this target.

Speaking in early 2020, Councillor Peter Mason, the council’s cabinet member for housing, planning and transformation, said: “In a city which is increasingly unequal and expensive, our top priority has to be delivering high-quality homes which local people can afford. Just 10% of private rentals in our borough are now affordable for people on low to moderate incomes. The properties we let to our tenants are typically a quarter of the price you would expect to pay for a private rental.

“With over 9,000 local people waiting for a council home, this is just the start. Over the coming years, we must continue building homes the borough so desperately needs". Here’s a selection of completed projects carried out by the team. Use the scroll buttons on the side for more photos.

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Bell Phillips Architects

Bell Phillips Architects have been selected for their particular expertise in the delivery of housing and are working with local authorities throughout London and beyond. Bell Phillips Architects have extensive experience of transforming challenging sites into successful places, to create desirable homes that people enjoy living in and which make a real impact on the quality of people’s lives and the surrounding neighbourhood.

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Landscape architectOobe  

With a strong and talented team of landscape architects and BIM experts we deliver beautiful inspirational and relevant design, on time, within budget and to the highest quality.

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Your Shout

Your Shout undertakes professional community consultation for the built environment. We are committed to strengthening relationships between land owners, communities and local councillors.

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